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Hysteroscopy is a minimally invasive, same-day surgical procedure aimed at not only evaluating the uterine cavity, but also at correcting any abnormalities, some of which, could lead to fertility problems.

This procedure allows your specialist to examine your uterus to identify and treat causes of infertility and reproductive disorders. Operative Hysteroscopy can be utilized to remove polyps, fibroids, adhesions, or scar tissue, or septum from the uterine cavity.

A hysteroscope is a specially designed surgical instrument that’s inserted through your cervix and into your uterus. It’s a thin tube with a camera and light mounted on the tip that sends images to a video monitor to permit high magnification of the relatively small intrauterine cavity.

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Why would you need a hysteroscopy?

Hysteroscopy is used to diagnose the cause of infertility and other reproductive health issues such as abnormal bleeding. It can also treat certain conditions and perform minor surgical procedures including:

  • Polyp removal
  • Submucous fibroid removal
  • Scar tissue removal
  • Uterine septum removal

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What are the risks of a hysteroscopy procedure?

The major risks for hysteroscopy include bleeding, infection, fluid overload, uterine perforation (making a small hole in the uterus), and future development of scar tissue.

Overall complications are rare, but if they do occur they prevent completion of the original surgery and may require additional surgery in the future. Since this procedure is same day surgery, the recovery is fairly minimal.

The benefits of Hysteroscopy

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The benefit of hysteroscopy is that it serves both a diagnostic as well as therapeutic purpose, and can be useful for women with uterine pathology, recurrent pregnancy loss, recurrent implantation failure, and abnormal uterine bleeding.

For patients who are trying to get or stay pregnant and who are searching for infertility care in an individualized and honest setting, Footsteps To Fertility offers successful treatment options giving patients a sense of control and hope, while treating each patient like a family member.

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