About Us

About us

We are honoured you have chosen Footsteps To Fertility Centre and believe that our walk together will be a perfect fit for success. At Footsteps To Fertility, we understand better than anyone the dream of having a baby and the challenges faced on this journey. We are here to provide you with a personalized fertility treatment to maximize your chances of conceiving and guide your “footsteps to fertility”.

The journey to fertility can be long, painful, and a test to anyone’s faith and patience. Recognizing mental well being as one of the cornerstones of any successful fertility treatments, we prioritize your well-being by providing a comfortable welcoming peaceful atmosphere and various platforms for psychological support through our in-house psychologist and groups via our foundation.

Our staff is composed of European trained specialists with decades of combined experience in fertility care. We ensure the highest medical standards and are up to date with the newest technology.

Finally we are committed to ensuring the best in fertility and personalized patient care. You can be confident that we tailor your treatment to the individual and customize your protocol to meet the needs of your body.

Our mission


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Our commitment is to you and lies in helping you achieve your dream of having a family