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Endometrial lining is routinely measured using the vaginal ultrasound in IVF cycles and is expected to be of adequate thickness for embryo implantation.

An endometrial thickness of 8 mm or greater is generally considered adequate thickness and less than 7 mm has been associated with lower pregnancy rates, with almost no pregnancies observed with a lining less than 5 mm.

Poor endometrial lining most commonly occurs in women with a history of unexplained recurrent IVF failures or early recurrent miscarriages.

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Causes of Thin Uterine Lining

Poor endometrial lining is attributable to the following factors:

  • Endometritis: Chronic infection of the endometrial cells.

  • Fibroids of the uterine wall (non-cancerous muscle tumors of the uterus).

  • Women using clomiphene citrate (Clomid, Serophene).

  • Scar tissue of the endometrium (Intrauterine adhesions also known as Asherman’s syndrome).

  • Distal tubal blockage (hydrosalpinx) and leakage of toxic fluid back into the uterus.

  • Intrauterine adhesions

  • Long term use of birth control pills

Symptoms of thin uterine lining

  • Issues pertaining to infertility

  • Abnormal or irregular menstrual cycle

  • Irregular or Painful Menses

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During an IVF cycle, when the endometrial lining is observed, additional estrogen in the form of vaginal suppositories may improve the overall endometrial thickness and outcome.

Some investigators have used baby aspirin to improve the outcome, but results have been quite variable and most likely there is no benefit.

Sildenafil (Viagra) is a commonly used drug for erection problems in the male and has been shown to increase the penile blood flow. Investigators have used Viagra to increase the blood flow to the uterus with the hope of delivering more estrogen hormone to the uterine lining.

Viagra vaginal suppositories can be used to achieve this goal in IVF cycles, in which the endometrial lining is thin despite additional vaginal estrogen treatment. In most cases of thin lining, the underlying cause can be identified and treated without the need for additional intervention.

If women are grappling with issues related to pregnancy, like unable to get pregnant or difficulty in holding pregnancy, they must get their estrogen level and thickness of Endometrium checked.

Uterine Lining must be at least 8 mm thick for successful implantation of fetus. If it is thin, implantation does not take place that culminates into failure of pregnancy. Hence one needs to get treatment for thin endometrium to become pregnant.

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