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Third Party Fertility Treatments with Footsteps To Fertility Centre

Third party reproduction refers to the use of donor sperm, donor eggs, or a gestational carrier (surrogate). These options may not be suitable for a number of individuals or couples, but it is imperative to present such options to make an educated decision.

This decision to create a family using donor gametes (eggs or sperm) or embryos have a significant impact on everyone involved, including those who donate.

The dedicated  team at Footsteps To Fertility Clinic in Kenya provides guidance and support throughout the entire process, helping donors and recipients make considered and informed decisions.

At Footsteps To Fertility Centre located  in Nairobi, Kenya, our team of fertility professionals has extensive experience with the intricacies of third party reproduction and understands the importance of protecting your privacy.

Feel free to contact us, chat with us  or directly reserve an appointment below. We are more than prepared to patiently walk you, your partner and your donor or surrogate through this process.

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The Importance of third party fertility treatment

For women and men who are unable to use their own eggs or sperm, and those who want to parent without a partner  – pregnancy may be achieved using donor eggs, donor sperm and/or a Gestational Surrogate who will carry the baby to term for the intended parent(s). Certain genetic conditions may also necessitate using a third party.

Every patient’s circumstances are unique and require a varying level of oversight and sensitivity. This is why fertility experts in Kenya at Footsteps To Fertility Centre focus on comprehensive medical and psychological evaluation of all patients participating in the third party reproduction treatment.

This includes the screening of all sperm and egg donors and surrogates along with their sexual partners, as well as the genetic parents and/or recipient couples.

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Helping others achieve their dream of having a family of their own

Couples need to make important decisions about their relationship with the third party and come to terms with the emotional aspects of having another person involved with their family planning.

Finally, the legal implications of third party parenting must be carefully considered and advice from an expert is highly recommended.

Our dedicated team at Footsteps To Fertility Centre located in Nairobi, Kenya is here to provide you with guidance and support throughout the process, to enable you to make an informed decision best suited to you.

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