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Fertility preservation is the option of preserving someone’s ability to procreate in the future due to the risk of losing that potential.

Prolonging your ability to have children is increasingly becoming a real option, whether you make this choice because of a cancer treatment, a different medical reason or because you wish to delay having children until later in life.

At Footsteps To Fertility Centre, we give you peace of mind by offering fertility preservation services to enable you to protect and preserve sperm, eggs and embryos for the future, so when the time is right, we will be here to help you to achieve the best pregnancy outcomes.

Feel free to contact us, chat with us  or directly reserve an appointment below.Whether your desire is to delay your fertility until you are ready to start a family or to preserve your fertility in preparation of treatments that may threaten the future of your fertility, we offer a full-range of options for you.

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Extending the biological clock

Fertility Preservation Options

Male Fertility Preservation

Female Fertility Preservation

For young women these options include freezing of eggs, freezing of embryos, freezing of ovarian tissue and medications which may protect the ovaries from toxic chemotherapy drugs.

For young men the options include freezing some sperm and freezing of testicular tissue.

The current available options include male fertility preservation, as well as female fertility preservation.

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Benefits of fertility preservation

Fertility preservation is beneficial in various circumstances, including where:

  • You have a serious illness such as cancer and have to undergo treatment that may result in the loss of fertility.

  • You want to have children but are not ready to do so now and are concerned about the effects ageing might have on your chances of having a family.

  • You are at risk of early menopause.

  • You have a genetic disorder that may limit fertility.

How do I know whether fertility preservation is right for me?

When a cancer diagnosis is made, same day or next day appointments are available with Footsteps To Fertility specialists in Kenya to discuss which technique may best fit your situation.

Fertility preservation works best if initiated prior to starting cancer treatments. Some of the factors that go into making decisions about fertility preservation include:

  • Dose, type, and duration of treatments (in general, the higher the dose and the longer the treatment, the greater the chance for developing fertility problems)
  • The area receiving radiation (if used)
  • When treatments are set to begin
  • Age and marital status
  • Personal, cultural, or religious beliefs

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