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Increase Fertility with Embryoscope at Footsteps To Fertility Centre

An Embryoscope is an innovative time-lapse incubator that allows scientists to carefully monitor and analyse the development of embryos. Our world-class specialist use cutting edge technology to boost your fertility odds.

Our clinic uses Embryoscope technology. Embryoscopes are incubators that include a camera which can be set to capture images at set intervals. The time-lapse photography system allows embryologists to monitor developing embryos in a whole new way.

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How does embryoscope work?

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The EmbryoScope works by using it’s specially designed, built-in camera and microscope to take several images of the embryos every ten minutes.

The advanced software of the EmbryoScope allows embryologists to assess the embryos in their stable culture environment to select the embryo(s) with the highest chance of leading to a pregnancy and baby.  At Footsteps To Fertility Centre in Kenya, we are committed to your success.

Previously, lab technicians would have to remove the delicate embryos from the incubator regularly in order to check their progress. This new technology offers more data to embryologists as they consider which embryo will be best for implantation. As a result, this technology may contribute to higher IVF treatment success rates.

Higher success rates are a result of experience and technology. New technology is important and Embryoscopes are great tools. At FTFC, we are committed to your success.

The embryoscope is recommended for?

The EmbryoScope can be used with any patient undergoing an assisted reproduction treatment. However, the chances of improved results are greatest for patients who have more than one embryo, where the best one or two embryos need to be chosen.

However, the stable culture conditions provided by the EmbryoScope are likely to be an advantage to all patients.  

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What are the benefits
of using embryoscope?

Anyone undergoing IVF or ICSI is suitable for culture in the EmbryoScope.

The benefits include:

  • Reduced handling: Scientists can review the development of embryos at any point in time without removing them from their incubators.

  • Constant time-lapse monitoring: Scientists can analyse more than 7200 minutes of continuously recorded data of embryo development compared with the standard 6-10 minutes.

  • Better embryo selection: By obtaining accurate, in-depth data scientists can now use selection and deselection criteria to try and identify the best embryo for transfer.

  • Stable culture environment for embryos: Temperature is tightly regulated by direct heat contact and air is continuously purified .An integrated gas mixer allows the implementation of reduced oxygen conditions easily and economically.

What does embryo selection involve?

The process of embryo selection is a delicate procedure that assists in the identification of the best embryo to transfer for fertility treatment. By choosing the best embryo for transfer, embryologists heighten the chances of implantation and a successful pregnancy.  

The EmbryoScope allows us to carry out detailed and thorough studies of the embryos, their development and cell division. The definition of “the perfect embryo” and choosing those with the best potential for implantation is still an imprecise concept, but the EmbryoScope gives essential information about the embryos that we didn’t previously have.

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