Male Fertility Preservation

Fertility is a complex topic. It's personal, and emotional. It can also be incredibly confusing. No longer. Footsteps to Fertility will guide you on this

Although men often remain fertile much longer than women, they still see a decline in their fertility as they get older and may also choose to freeze their sperm. Sperm freezing and banking is also an option for men who need treatment for cancer. Both chemotherapy and radiotherapy can affect your sperm production permanently, and once you begin this treatment the sperm could already carry genetic damage, making it too late to collect and preserve your sperm.

We can collect and freeze some of your semen, containing sperm, before you start chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment. You will be given a private room for collection, and our scientists will prepare and freeze the sperm quickly using a protective solution so there is almost no risk for damaging the sperm when it is frozen/thawed.

In addition, by selectively thawing portions of the sperm, we can make one sample last for several IVF cycles. As the sperm can be frozen for many years, it can also be convenient for couples, making it no longer necessary to time the sperm collection with egg retrievals/fertilization procedures.

If you are interested in learning more about male fertility preservation, or male fertility in general, please feel free to contact us.